The calculation of the damped eigenvalues of a large multistation gas turbine by the complex matrix transfer procedure may encounter numerical difficulties, even on a large computer due to numerical round-off errors. In this paper, a procedure is presented in which the damped eigenvalues may be rapidly and accurately calculated on a minicomputer with accuracy which rivals that of a mainframe computer using the matrix transfer method. The method presented in this paper is based upon the use of constrained normal modes plus the rigid body modes in order to generate the characteristic polynomial of the system. The constrained undamped modes, using the matrix transfer process with scaling, may be very accurately calculated for a multistation turbine on a minicomputer. In this paper, a five station rotor is evaluated to demonstrate the procedure. A method is presented in which the characteristic polynomial may be automatically generated by Leverrier’s algorithm. The characteristic polynomial may be directly solved or the coefficients of the polynomial may be examined by the Routh criteria to determine stability. The method is accurate and easy to implement on a 16 bit minicomputer.

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