This paper describes the aerodynamic design and rig test of a radial inflow turbine having a rotor tip diameter of 4.58 inches. The single-stage turbine was designed for use in the Sundstrand Power Systems (SPS) T-100 Multipurpose Small Power Unit (MPSPU). The T-100 is a small, single-shaft, simple-cycle gas turbine engine intended for airborne, vehicular, and ground-based auxiliary power application. Nominal power output of the engine is 50 hp, with growth capability to 100 hp with minimal modification. Aggressive specific fuel consumption goals for the engine led to a demanding turbine efficiency target of 87 percent total to static, referred to exhaust diffuser exit, at an expansion ratio of 5.7:1 and a flow rate of 0.73 lb/s. Details of the design approach are given, together with test results from the turbodrive rig. The results include overall stage mapping and rotor exit surveys.

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