A time-accurate potential-flow calculation method has been developed for unsteady incompressible flows through two-dimensional multi-blade-row linear cascades. The method represents the boundary surfaces by distributing piecewise linear-vortex and constant-source singularities on discrete panels. A local coordinate is assigned to each independently moving object. Blade-shed vorticity is traced at each time step. The unsteady Kutta condition applied is nonlinear and requires zero blade trailing-edge loading at each time. Its influence on the solutions depends on the blade trailing-edge shapes. Steady biplane and cascade solutions are presented and compared to exact solutions and experimental data. Unsteady solutions are validated with the Wagner function for an airfoil moving impulsively from rest and the Theodorsen function for an oscillating airfoil. The shed vortex motion and its interaction with blades are calculated and compared to an analytic solution. For a multi-blade-row cascade, the potential effect between blade rows is predicted using steady and quasi-unsteady calculations. The accuracy of the predictions is demonstrated using experimental results for a one-stage turbine stator-rotor.

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