Unsteady aerodynamic forces acting on oscillating blades of a transonic annular turbine cascade were investigated in both aerodynamic stable and unstable domains, using a Freon gas annular cascade test facility. In the facility, whole blades composing the cascade were oscillated in the torsional mode by a high-speed mechanical drive system. In the experiment, the reduced frequency K was changed from 0.056 to 0.915 with a range of outlet Mach number M2 from 0.68 to 1.39, and at a constant interblade phase angle. Unsteady aerodynamic moments obtained by two measuring methods agreed well. Through the moment data the phenomenon of unstalled transonic cascade flutter was clarified as well as the significance of K and M2 for the flutter. The variation of flutter occurrence with outlet flow velocity in the experiments showed a very good agreement with theoretical analysis.

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