The present paper discusses some of the friction related problems associated with the upsetting and sheet forming of nickel chromium base superalloys at temperatures between ambient and 1200 F. It continues by reviewing some of the works of the author and his colleagues in examining the effects of certain of the components of potential industrial metalworking lubricants. In the course of the research an interesting synergistic effect pertaining to lubricant components has been uncovered, a difficulty concerning the brinelling of die materials evidenced and an attempt made to utilize some of the interesting potential tool materials, for example carbides and nitrides, that have recently become available. In connection with the latter, preliminary results indicate some promising values of the friction coefficient in 1200 F tests at a 20 percent average deformation upon Inconel 625 and 718 workpieces. However, it is pointed out that in using these tooling materials special precautions must be taken regarding the provision of adequate support by sub-tooling.

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