Test results are presented for the HPOTP Turbine Interstage Seal with both the current and an alternate, aerodynamically designed, swirl brake. Tests were conducted at speeds out to 16,000 rpm, supply pressures up to 18.3 bars, and the following three inlet-tangential-velocity conditions: (a) no preswirl, (b) intermediate preswirl in the direction of rotation, and (c) high preswirl in the direction of rotation. The back pressure can be controlled independently and was varied to yield the following four pressure ratios: 0.4, 0.45, 0.56, and 0.67. The central and simplest conclusion to be obtained from the test series is that the alternate swirl brake consistently outperforms the current swirl brake in terms of stability performance. The alternate swirl-brake’s whirl-frequency ratio was generally about one half or less than corresponding values for the current design. In many cases, the alternate design yielded negative whirl-frequency-ratio values in comparison to positive values for the current design. The alternate design can be directly substituted into the space currently occupied by the current design. There is no change in leakage performance.

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