I can recall the moment that Lung-Wen Tsai asked if I was interested in the Editorship of the Journal of Mechanical Design, because things happened so fast afterwards. Within months I was interviewed and active without the benefit of his guidance, because of his untimely passing. Perhaps this is why I started over a year ago to discuss my replacement. I found that our community has a number of outstanding individuals, all of whom would serve us well in this position.

The Executive Committee of the Design Engineering Division has selected the nominee for the next Editor, and a formal interview with the ASME Publications Committee completes the appointment. It has been an honor to be the Editor of the journal to which so many outstanding researchers trust their best work. I look forward to working closely with the new Editor, who will introduce himself in the January 2008 issue, to smooth the transition.

Actually, I must work closely with the new Editor for another reason. I promised the Publications Committee that success of a new Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, of which I am honored to be the new Editor, will be accomplished only in a way that enhances the already outstanding reputation of the Journal of Mechanical Design. The goal is to provide an opportunity for more and varied mechanical design research, and at the same time expand exposure of our colleagues' contributions to theoretical and applied mechanisms and robotics research.

It will be an exciting new year, and I wish the best of the holidays to all of you.