Heat flux conveyed by diffuse radiation from surface A1 and A2 through an absorbing medium is expressed by the relation
Q12=J1 A1×A2f(l12)
where J1 is the radiosity of A1 (sum of the emitted, reflected, and transmitted flux per unit area), l12 is the radiation beam (the distance between surface elements dA1 and dA2), θ1 and θ2 are the angles between the radiation beam and the normals to the surface elements, and f(l12) is the function describing the absorption law. The foregoing four-dimensional integral is transformed into a sum of one-dimensional integrals for the cases of opposite-parallel and adjoining-perpendicular rectangles. The results are suitable for numerical integration with any total absorption law obtained from the actual distribution of monochromatic absorptivities over the whole spectrum.
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