The 1962–1963 Lubrication Review brings together information on publications relating to several aspects of the broad field of lubrication. Although it does not cover all of the significant domestic and foreign publications in this field, it does summarize many of the results of current theoretical and experimental investigations. It also indicates themes or patterns of current programs relating to lubrication. The review is more than a list of references since each reviewer has commented on the essential elements or results reported by the investigators. The areas reviewed include fluid-film lubrication, developments in lubricants, metalworking lubricants, automotive lubricants, gear lubrication, boundary lubrication, rolling element bearings, and friction and wear. It is hoped that those who are currently involved in these specific areas will find the review helpful in summarizing recent developments in these areas and that those who are interested in extending their knowledge of lubrication theory and practice might find the review to be a helpful guide.

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