The mean and turbulent velocity characteristics of the flowfield resulting from the impingement of two and three jets against a wall through a low-velocity crossflow are quantified in detail making use of a laser-Doppler velocimeter and are discussed together with the visualization of the flow. The experiments have been carried out for a velocity ratio between the jets and the crossflow of 30, for a Reynolds number based on the jet exit of 105,000, and for the jet exit five jet-diameters above the ground plate, and provided a basis to improve knowledge of several related complex flow fields in engineering applications. The results characterize the turbulent transport typical of multiple impinging flows associated with a large penetration of the impinging jets through a crossflow, and quantify the formation of fountain flows due to collision of consecutive wall jets. The turbulence measurements include those of Reynolds shear stress and identify large effects of flow distortion on the turbulence structure parameters that determine the empirical constants in engineering models of turbulence.

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