This study demonstrates the application of three-point and four-point bending tests for evaluating the reliability of chip scale packages under curvature loads. A three-point bend test is conducted on 0.5-mm-pitch chip-scale packages (CSPs) mounted on FR4 (Flame Retardant) substrates. This test is simulated by using the finite element method and the results are calibrated experimentally to formulate a reliability model. A three-point bend scheme is an ideal choice for generating reliability models because multiple packages can be tested under multiple loads in a single test. This reliability model can be used to predict the durability of the packages in the real product under any printed wiring board (PWB) curvature loading conditions. A four-point bending simulation is also demonstrated on the test substrate. Four-point bending test is an ideal method for testing a larger sample size of packages under a particular predefined stress level. This paper describes the bending simulation and testing on packages in a generic sense. Due to the confidentiality of the test results, the package constructional details, material properties, and the actual test data have not been presented here.

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