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About the Journal

The purpose of Journal of Autonomous Vehicles and Systems is to provide an international platform for the communication and discussion of technical knowledge and solutions in the transformative areas of the research and engineering design of autonomous vehicles and systems that operate in all media and inter-medium environments: ground, air, space, and water.

The focus of this journal is on an autonomous vehicle system-of-systems approach to modeling, simulation, design, and physical and virtual testing. The vehicle applications include, but are not limited to personal and cargo transportation, construction and forestry, farming, scientific research, investigation of the underground, air and water, exploration of other planets, infrastructure monitoring, surveillance, and military, etc.

Scope: Artificial intelligence and machine learning with application to autonomous vehicles; Artificial intelligence mimicking human intelligence for self-operation, shared mental and cooperative multi-physics environment models; Intelligent perception and cognitive architectures for autonomous operation, planning, global positioning, navigation and localization, decision making, controls and observation; Modeling, simulation and designing autonomous vehicle systems for their autonomy of different levels; Vehicle-to-X interaction with X being Human, Vehicle, Infrastructure, etc.; Operator-vehicle interaction includes but not limited to communication, operator trust in autonomous vehicle and autonomy transparency, teaming and task allocation; Shared control and mixed initiatives of autonomous vehicles, haptic feedback based autonomous operation, and driver-assistance systems; Active payload models; Proprioceptive sensors in autonomous vehicle systems and exteroceptive sensors for autonomous vehicle and environment interactions; Outdoor and cyber-physical indoor proving grounds and research facilities; Inputs/outputs and environmental models in autonomous vehicle simulation and design; Gaming environments

Diversity and Inclusion The Technical Committee on Publications and Communications endorses the commitment of ASME to support diversity and to create and ensure inclusive and ethical practices for publishing as well as the science and engineering professions.

Frequency: Quarterly (2021)

ISSN: 2690-702X
eISSN: 2690-7038

Title History
Journal of Autonomous Vehicles and Systems (ISSN: 2690-702X), 2021 - Present


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