Kinematical relations are derived to account for the finite cross-sectional warping occurring in a beam undergoing large deflections and rotations due to deformation. The total rotation at any point in the beam is represented as a large global rotation of the reference triad (a frame which moves nominally with the reference cross section material points), a small rotation that is constant over the cross section and is due to shear, and a local rotation whose magnitude may be small to moderate and which varies over a given cross section. Appropriate variational principles, equilibrium equations, boundary conditions, and constitutive laws are obtained. Two versions are offered: an intrinsic theory without reference to displacements, and an explicit theory with global rotation characterized by a Rodrigues vector. Most of the formulas herein have been published, but we reproduce them here in a new concise notation and a more general context. As an example, the theory is shown to predict behavior that agrees with published theoretical and experimental results for extension and torsion of a pretwisted strip. The example also helps to clarify the role of local rotation in the kinematics.

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