The topography of a machined surface significantly influences the performance of both lubricated and unlubricated contacts. In this work the unlubricated frictionless contact of rough surfaces is the subject of study. The numerical deterministic contact mechanics model incorporates linear elastic surface material and the dry contact is simulated using classes of surface profiles randomly generated from a given Abbott curve (Abbott-Firestone bearing ratio curve). In this way all the height information of the surface profile is preserved and not only a few parameters, like Ra, Rq, Rz, Rsk, etc. The aim of this work is to investigate how classes of surfaces based on a single Abbott curve perform in terms of contact mechanical parameters like the real area of contact. The result shows that surfaces taken from a class of random surfaces generated from a specific Abbott curve behaves similar in a contact mechanics simulation. That is, the distribution of for example the real area of contact within such a class is compact, having a small deviation from its mean. This implies that it is possible to simulate classes of surfaces based on Abbott curves and to use the results to predict contact mechanical properties of real surface topographies.

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