Wear of metals is influenced by many factors such as material, surrounding atmosphere and sliding conditions. Besides these factors, type of the wear test also has a significant effect on wear results. For example, when pin on disk test rig is used, wear of disk is usually more than that of pin [1]. This is because the contact time of each specimen is asymmetric. In this case, the transfer particle at the tip of the pin protects pin against wear. So the wear of dissimilar metals depends on the pin-disk combination. In order to fully characterize the adhesive wear, we have developed a disk on disk type test rig [2]. In this rig, the circumferential surfaces of the two identical disks are in sliding contact thereby resulting in a symmetrical contact. In this paper, the wear characteristics of ten different metals sliding against emery paper as well as against themselves have been presented along with the wear of 43 dissimilar metal combinations.

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