It is studied the carbons abrasive wear property of high vanadium high speed steel compared with that of general high chromium cast iron (Cr20) in this paper. The vanadium content is 10% in the high vanadium high speed steel, and it is a kind of new wear material that has been studied in the past ten years. In the experiment the three materials were used to resist the abrasive wear of Al2O3, the wear test was conducted on a ML-10 abrasive wear-testing machine. The abrasive surfaces, cross-section and sloping -section surfaces were scanned by means of a SEM (JSM-5160LV) device. The typical morphology photos of VC and Cr7C3 were taken in course of abrasive wear, which not only describe the different abrasive wear property of the carbons in the two materials, but also make the cause of the excellent wear property of this HSS clear. The research results have showed that the service lives (V10) are three times longer than that of high chromium cast iron (Cr20). The excellent wear resistance of high vanadium high-speed steel depends on the characters of high hardness, lumpy morphology of VC which are scattered in hard matrix of HSS.

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