The strategic goal of the Small Modular Molten Salt Reactor (SM-MSR) is to broaden the environmental and economic benefits of nuclear energy in the United States by producing power to meet growing energy demands and demonstrating its applicability to market sectors not being served by light water reactors. Of primary importance is demonstrating that the SM-MSR can be operated safely and compete economically with larger reactors. Reactor outlet temperatures (ROTs) of SM-MSRs will likely be much higher (around 700°C) than light water reactors, thereby increasing the efficiency of electricity production and potentially providing process heat for industrial applications, which will help offset the higher per kilowatt costs generally associated with smaller reactors, making the SM-MSR more economically competitive. This paper compares thermal power cycles for given ROT, compares thermal performance using figure of merits and sensitivity study and discusses the comparative advantages of SM-MSRs.

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