Wave propagation inside a host media with periodically distributed inclusions can exhibit bandgaps. While controlling acoustic wave propagation has large impact on many engineering applications, studies on broadband acoustic bandgap (ABG) adaptation is still outstanding. One of the important properties of periodic structure in ABG design is the lattice-type. It is possible that by reconfiguring the periodic architectures between different lattice-types with fundamentally distinct dispersion relations, we may achieve broadband wave propagation tuning. In this spirit, this research pioneers a new class of reconfigurable periodic structures called origami metastructures (OM) that can achieve ABG adaption via topology reconfiguration by rigid-folding. It is found that origami folding, which can enable significant and precise topology reconfigurations between distinct Bravais lattice-types in underlying periodic architecture, can bring about drastic changes in wave propagation behavior. Such versatile wave transmission control is demonstrated via numerical studies that couple wave propagation theory with origami folding kinematics. Further, we also exploit the novel ABG adaptation feature of OM to design structures that can exhibit unique tunable non-reciprocal behavior. Overall the broadband adaptable wave characteristics of the OM coupled with scale independent rigid-folding mechanism can bring on-demand wave tailoring to a new level.

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