This report discusses the development of an embeddable impact detection system utilizing an array of piezoelectric wafer active sensors (PWAS) and a microcontroller. Embeddable systems are a critical component to successfully implement a complete and robust structural health monitoring system. System capabilities include impact detection, impact location determination and digitization of the impact waveform. A custom algorithm was developed to locate the site of the impact.. The embedded system has the potential for additional capabilities including advanced signal processing and the integration of wireless functionality. For structural health monitoring applications it is essential to determine the extent of damage done to the structure. In an attempt to determine these parameters a series of impact tests were conducted using a ball drop tower on a square aluminum plate. The response of the plate to the impact event was recorded using a piezoelectric wafer sensor network attached to the surface of the plate. From this testing it was determined that several of the impact parameters are directly correlated with the features recorded by the sensor network.

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