Our research purpose is to develop biomimetic intelligent material system applying biphasic composites of biocompatible Shape Memory Alloy (bio-SMA) honeycomb and inert gas in order to create the multifunctional effects of solid-fluid dispersion for cancellous bone and shock absorption for muscle fibril and so on. This paper reports on modeling and manufacturing bio-SMA honeycomb to constitute active shock absorption and measurement of recovery forces depend on super-elastic deformation of hexagonal cell unit with heating. Consequently, load-displacement curves with heating of bio-SMA honeycombs were a likely step shape under in-plane indentation. Recovery forces of single cell-layered honeycomb were from 3.1 to 3.8 N and the forces of double cell-layered one were from 5.0 to 6.5 N. It was cleared that the force linearly increased as layer number of cells was larger. The curve of triple cell-layered one looked to be likely two-step shape depend on the distribution of in-plane cell deformation.

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