There are many high-rise buildings all over the world, especially urban areas. Their usage is diverse, such as offices and residences. Therefore, earthquake countermeasures for high-rise buildings are indispensable. It is known that a tuned mass damper (TMD), which is mainly installed for countermeasures against wind shaking, does not show sufficient damping effect when large earthquake occurs or when higher modes vibration is excited. In addition, when exceeding the drive limit of the TMD in resonance, the TMD may collide against the stopper and deteriorate the response of the building. There are some researches targeting building with TMD, and many of them aim at developing new devices. However, installing a new equipment instead of TMD requires a lot of cost and construction period. Therefore, in this research, an active device that can be attached to TMD is developed. Moreover, validity is examined by numerical simulation. In this paper, parameters of the passive elements are verified as a basic research of the proposed device.

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