Environmental fatigue evaluation is a key technology to extend Nuclear Power Plant design life. Since USNRC issued the RG 1.207 in 2007, many studies on fatigue evaluation in Light water Reactor coolant environments have been carried out by referencing documents such as NUREG/CR-6909, EPRI-TR-1025823, ASME BPVC Sec. III NB-3600/3200 Code, ASME Code Case, and so on. These documents presented environmental fatigue evaluation methods about each single-metal such as carbon steels, low-alloy steels, nickel-chromium-iron (Ni-Cr-Fe) alloys, and austenitic stainless steels. However, the environmental fatigue evaluation method for interface of dissimilar metal welding is mostly insufficient. Dissimilar metal welding has been widely used in nuclear industry. If environmental fatigue analysis method for dissimilar metal welding is developed, it will facilitate the design of piping for more safety. Therefore, the development of environmental fatigue evaluation for the interface of dissimilar metal welding should be studied. This paper presents environmental fatigue evaluation for the interface of dissimilar metal welded piping. The environmental fatigue evaluation for a dissimilar metal welded piping model was performed based on above documents.

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