Dynamic analysis is an integral part of seismic risk assessment of industrial plants. Such analysis often neglects actual boundary conditions or proper coupling between structures of coupled systems, which introduces uncertainty into the system and may lead to erroneous results, e.g., an incorrect fragility curve, in comparison with the actual behaviour of the analyzed structure. Hence, it is important to study the effect of uncertainties on the dynamic characteristics of a system, when coupling effects are neglected.

Along this line, this paper investigates the effects of uncertain boundary conditions on the dynamic response of coupled tank-piping systems subjected to seismic loading. In particular, to take into account the presence of the tank as boundary condition for the piping system, two sources of uncertainty were considered: the tank aspect ratio and the piping-to-tank attachment height ratio. Moreover, to model the seismic input, a Filtered White Noise (FWN) characterized by a Kanai-Tajimi spectrum was used. Finally, to study the dynamic interaction of a set of coupled tank-piping systems, the non-intrusive stochastic collocation (SC) technique was applied. It allowed for calculating surface responses of stresses and axial loads of a pair of components of the coupled system with a reduced number of deterministic numerical simulations.

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