Due to Florida’s unique location as a peninsula as well as it’s oblong shape, it is difficult as a state to be connected the grid of the rest of the United States. As a result, Florida has many utility companies providing power to the region. The integrated resource plans of these utility companies were reviewed looking at the projects and plans they expect to undertake in the next decade. In recent years, use of fossil-fuel fired power production has been declining as the cost of using renewable sources has become more affordable. This shift towards renewables was evident when reviewing the integrated resource plans. An unexpected consequence of using renewable energy is how it will affect the individuals living near the energy production. Issues this paper will examine include the expected change of Florida’s current and future energy mix as well as how this change will affect the health of those living in the vicinity. A review of various power providers in the state of Florida will be conducted through a review of their integrated resource plans and other research data. The co-authors are a mechanical engineering student and a graduate public health student.

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