A small personal use wind turbine (PWT) is studied and tested for power evaluation under different wind speed conditions. The wind turbine has small blades with FX 63137 airfoil. The blades are non-tapered and non-twisted to be economical and easy to manufacture. The blade span is 1.52 m which makes it small enough for personal domestic use yet big enough to produce sufficient power. The PWT size satisfies the requirements for rooftop small wind turbine for domestic power generation. The study is conducted in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the PWT is installed in an open area to test under the natural conditions. Readings are recorded for wind speeds, generator RPMs, current and voltage for different timings and conditions. The PWT is tested at a variety of wind speeds to establish the operating range of the wind turbine. Using the calculated electrical power and wind power values, corresponding electrical efficiency is determined. Results are evaluated for electrical power and electrical efficiency against wind speed. The result suggests better performance and efficiency for continuous wind speed conditions. It also shows the PWT can effectively generate power under the conditions found in UAE.

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