Three-dimensional flow-fields in a high-efficient axial flow pump system were simulated by CFD to further study the internal flow characteristics. The internal flow patterns of the pump system were obtained at large, small and optimum operating conditions. The highest efficiency of pump system measured and calculated are 82.57% and 81% respectively at blade angle 0°. For the suction passage, the axial velocity distribution uniformity reach 97.51%, and the hydraulic loss is 0.039m, the pipe efficiency calculated is 98.5% at the optimum operating conditions. The maximum velocity is 1.429 m/s in the range of operating conditions, which meet the requirement of National standard. The performances predicted were compared with measurement results. It was found that the calculated results agree well with the measured results. The overall flow pattern of the pump system is uniform and smooth, and the hydraulic loss is very small which gives the excellent hydraulic performances of pump system.

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