The present paper addresses the seakeeping behavior of a rigid type of floating closed fish cages, with focus on effects of sloshing on the coupled motions and mooring loads. Closed cages have gained much attention recently as a strategy to avoid sea-lice infections in farming of Atlantic salmon. However, closed cages are novel structures and more knowledge is needed on the wave induced motions and coupling effects with sloshing for development of reliable closed cage structures to reduce risk for failure and possible escape of fish. In this paper, dedicated scaled model tests of closed cages in waves are presented and compared with numerical simulations using linear potential theory in frequency domain. The results shows that the influence of sloshing on the rigid body motion is significant. A nonlinear effect of sloshing was observed for a small region of excitation frequencies, where the surge amplitude increased with increasing wave steepness. Mean wave loads were also affected by sloshing. Hence, coupled motions with sloshing is important to consider in design of floating closed rigid fish cages and their mooring system.

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