A 12.75 inch outer diameter single walled pipe bending test was executed and theoretical and FE analysis of this test was performed as preparation for 12.75 inch outer diameter TFP bending tests. The main objective of the TFP bending tests was to determine the initiation and degree of liner wrinkling occurring during the TFP spooling-on phase when simulating the reeling pipelay installation method. Due to lack of a definition of liner wrinkling initiation, the crossing of a certain threshold of the liner wrinkle height was defined as liner wrinkling initiation. The bending tests results indicated that (1) the extent of liner wrinkling decreased if TFP with a high mechanical bonding strength was used. (2) The presence of a circumferential weld in the highly bonded TFPs initiated higher liner wrinkles at lower curvatures than in case no circumferential weld was present. (3) The ERW outer pipe longitudinal weld did not result in higher liner wrinkles. API residual compressive stress tests showed that the initial mechanical bonding strength in the 12.75 inch TFP used in this research was significantly reduced, irrespective of whether a high or a low initial mechanical bonding strength had been used prior to spooling-on. These findings justify further research into this phenomenon as the eventual mechanical bonding strength after reeling installation may be vital for its anticipated application during operation.

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