The offshore minimum structures are widely applied in the development of margin oilfield because of their simplicity in fabrication, low initial investment and fast-track schedule. However, they would suffer large dynamic response under exciting loads such as seismic and ice loads, which might lower their service safety. The paper is focused on robust reliability assessment for the offshore minimum structures under dynamic loads by considering first-exceeding failure mode, fatigue failure mode. The robust reliability of offshore structure is a measure of its resistance to the uncertainties, and it suits very much to the condition that the information and data are scarce. The multi-level fortification for ice-resistant offshore minimum structures is presented in this paper, that is, the structure should not be defective under normal ice condition, repairable under heavy ice condition and not collapse under the heaviest ice condition. A numeric calculation method of robust reliability and several robust reliability dynamic models for offshore minimum structures are put forward in this paper, in which plastic collapse, fatigue, and fracture are dealt with. The interaction between the different failure modes under these loads is also considered in the paper. Based on research work mentioned above, the comprehensive safety assessment for the offshore minimum structures would be more easily realized under dynamic loads such as ice loads, seismic loads. Finally, the example is given.

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