In this study, the aerodynamic characteristics of pantograph system according to the pantograph cover configurations for high speed train were investigated by wind tunnel test. Wind tunnel tests were conducted in the velocity range of 20∼70m/s with scaled experimental pantograph models. The experimental models were 1/4 scaled simplified pantograph system which consists of a double upper arm and a single lower arm with a square cylinder shaped panhead. The experimental model of the pantograph cover is also 1/4 scaled and were made as 4 different configurations. It is laid on the ground plate which modeled on the real roof shape of the Korean high speed train. Using a load cell, the aerodynamic force such as a lift and a drag which were acting on pantograph system were measured and the aerodynamic effects according to the various configurations of pantograph covers were investigated. In addition, the total pressure distributions of the wake regions behind the panhead of the pantograph system were measured to investigate the variations of flow pattern. From the experimental test results, we checked that the flow patterns and the aerodynamic characteristics around the pantograph systems are varied as the pantograph cover configurations. In addition, it is also found that pantograph cover induced to decrease the aerodynamic drag and lift forces. Finally, we proposed the aerodynamic improvement of pantograph cover and pantograph system for high speed train.

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