As the importance of continuous vital signs monitoring increases, the need for wearable devices to measure vital sign is increasing. In this study, the device is designed to measure blood pressure (BP), respiratory rate (RR), and heartrate (HR) with one sensor. The device is in earphone format and is manufactured as wireless type using Arduino-based bluetooth module. The device measures pulse signal in the Superficial temporal artery using Photoplethysmograghy (PPG) sensor. The device uses the Auto Encoder to remove noise caused by movement, etc., contained in the pulse signal. Extract the feature from the pulse signal and use them for the vital sign measurement. The device is measured using Slope transit time (STT) method for BP and Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) method for RR. Finally, the accuracy is determined by comparing the vital signs measured through the device with the reference vital signs measured simultaneously.

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