In this paper, we present a design, simulation, and experimental result of a bi-axial scanning micro mirror driven by electromagnetic actuator. The mirror has a double gimbal structure for non-resonant operation and the electromagnetic actuator is composed of one permanent magnet and four electromagnets located in four directions on the base frame. The permanent magnet is attached to the back of the mirror and it position is controlled by current of the four electromagnetic magnets. The size of the mirror is 8 mm × 8 mm and the overall size of the mirror and actuator is 20 mm × 20 mm × 13 mm (W × D × H). We perform simulations and experiments of the electromagnetic actuator and the bi-axial scanning micro mirror. The motor constant and restoring constant of the developed electromagnetic actuator is 3.41 mNm/A and 1.75 mNm/rad, respectively. The deflection angle of the developed bi-axial scanning micro mirror is measured to be over than ± 40 degree.

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