Solar-hybrid gas turbine power systems offer a high potential for cost reduction of solar power. Such systems were already demonstrated as test systems. For the market introduction of this technology, microturbines in combination with small solar tower plants are a promising option. The combination of a solarized microturbine with an absorption chiller was studied, the results are presented in this paper. The solar-hybrid trigeneration system consists of a small heliostat field, a receiver unit installed on a tower, a modified microturbine and an absorption chiller. The components are described, as well as the required modifications for integration to the complete system. Several absorption chiller models were reviewed. System configurations were assessed for technical performance and cost. For a representative site a system layout was made, using selected industrial components. The annual energy yield in power, cooling and heat was determined. A cost assessment was made to obtain the cost of electricity and cooling power, and eventually additional heat. Various load situations for electric and cooling power were analyzed. The results indicate promising niche applications for the solar-assisted trigeneration of power, heat and cooling. The potential for improvements in the system configuration and the components is discussed, also the next steps towards market introduction of such systems.

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