The goals of the DOD-solar study were to identify potentially economic solar-energy projects on specific military bases and to define the necessary steps to install solar projects in the near term. Five classes of mature solar technologies were investigated: crystalline photovoltaics, solar hot water, transpired collectors (solar wall), pool heaters, and daylighting. Approximately 500 military bases/facilities were screened using simple payback models that used site-specific data for insolation, conventional energy prices, and financial incentives for solar. One or more economically viable projects appear to exist at nearly every base analyzed. Most projects are for solar daylighting and solar walls. Several pool and domestic water heating opportunities exist and a number of large photovoltaic projects also appear to be possible. Approximately 30 business-case analyses (BCAs) were performed which represent the larger project potential. Government and private ownership of the solar systems were investigated in the BCAs. Though the potential is large, it appears that a new multi-year DOD program that promotes private ownership needs to be launched before the full potential can be realized.

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