In this research, a semi-circular micromachined beam is proposed to reduce the out-of-plane deformation caused by the residual stresses. The side view of the semi-circular beam is similar to that of the cantilever. However, the end conditions of the semi-circular beam are similar to that of the microbridge. Although the micromachined cantilever would not be deformed by the mean compression, it is bent significantly by the residual gradient stress. On the other hand, the microbridge would not be bent by the gradient residual stress, however, it would be buckled by the mean compression. As demonstrated through the analytical and experimental results, the out-of-plane deformation due to bending and buckling is significantly reduced for the semi-circular micromachined beam. Thus, the flatness of the micromachined suspensions is improved. The more traditional techniques in which the out-of-plane deformation is reduced by lowering the net residual stresses of thin films can be supplemented by the use of semi-circular micromachined beam.

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