This paper presented a hybrid computational models that can be use as design tools to study the thermal deformation of a PQFP. A whole field optical testing method moiré interferometry were applied first to detect thermal strain within the packages cut plane with high sensitivity 2400 lines/mm and the effects of temperature change in the range from 80 up to 120 degree °C. Full field strain maps were measured and the effective CTE properties of the materials used in PQFP can also be obtained from the thermal deformations. Next, a three-dimension finite element model of PQFP was built and analyzed with the material constitutive law and the CTE values found by Moiré. The thermal deformation predict by this hybrid FE model was re-compared with Moiré testing data to validate the accuracy of the FE model. Once the FE Model that compare well with Moiré testing data then it can be used for further structural modification studies.

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