This paper describes head/disk interface dynamics for micromachined silicon dual negative pressure slider bearings with an integrated microsuspension mechanism which we proposed, at steady state flying in proximity magnetic recording. The authors first indicated the analitycal model for air bearing dynamics of dual structure mother ship slider mechanisms, and the advantages of this mechanisms were discussed from the dynamics points of view, compared with conventional flying head slider mechanisms. Furthermore, the effects of stiffness and damping characteristics of an integrated microsuspension mechanism on mother ship slider system dynamics were also analyzed numerically. Considering those numerical simulation results, optimum design method for microsuspension gimbals was established to suppress the coupled vibration between primary and secondary sliders, caused by secondary slider’s piggy-backed structure. It became clear that micromachined integrated microsuspension mechanisms have to be designed not only from the static and silicon micromachined process points of view, but also from the mother ship slider dynamics points of view, in order to achieve head/disk interface reliability in high density proximity magnetic recording.

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