Investigating the acoustic radiation of stiffened plate structures is significant to the advancement of aircraft, automobile, and marine vehicle design. Plate and stiffener design variables affect how the global structure vibrates and radiates sound. The objective of this paper is to provide insight into how sensitive a periodically stiffened plate radiates sound in air with respect to its design variables.

This paper examines a clamped plate that is periodically stiffened along one direction. Finite element analysis is used to quantify the structural acoustic behavior of the plate subject to a harmonic point load at the plate’s center. Fourier transforms are performed along the plate’s surface to reveal the wavenumber content of the plate. Lastly, radiated sound power from the plate surface is computed.

A baseline plate without stiffeners is used for finite element modeling validation. Next, periodically spaced beams used for plate stiffening are inserted and varied in thickness. In addition, the plate thickness is also varied. Varying the plate thickness and the stiffener thickness provides insight to each design variable’s contribution to vibration and radiated sound power. The quantified findings from these parametric case studies serve as an insight into the structural acoustic performance of periodically stiffened structures.

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