The present article aims to compare the change in the temperature and ablation volume during Microwave ablation procedure. The microwave ablation process is carried out using Fourier and non-Fourier bioheat transfer models in the computational domain of breast tumor. The above models have been considered with the relaxation time known as thermal delay during ablation procedure at constant power and frequency. The above objective has been carried out on a heterogeneous three compartment Breast model using COMSOL-Multiphysics software, with inbuilt bioheat transfer and electromagnetic waves Physics interfaces. The simulation results show that the ablation volume is slightly greater while using Fourier bioheat transfer model as compared to the non-Fourier bioheat transfer model. Further, the temperature distribution also shows that there is a slight variation initially at the start of the ablation, i.e., Fourier heat transfer model shows nearly 2°C more temperature as compared to the non Fourier model and becomes equal as the time increases. The present study helps in establishing the better clinical procedure of Microwave Ablation technique.

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