Many important processes depend on the wetting of liquids on surfaces. Wetting is commonly controlled through material selection, coatings, and/or surface texture, however these means are sensitive to environmental conditions. Some “hydrophobic” fluoropolymer coatings are sensitive to extended water exposure as evidenced by declining contact angles and increasing contact angle hysteresis. Understanding degradation of these coatings is critical to processes that employ them. To accomplish this, contact angle measurements were taken before, during, and after slides coated with FluoroSyl 3750 or Cytop were submerged in water, or vibrated while covered in water. Both methods demonstrated similar changes in advancing contact angle though vibration increased degradation rates significantly. However, it does not simply accelerate the process as different trends are apparent in receding contact angles. The FluoroSyl 3750 showed no clear degradation under either condition. Surface profilometry did not detect any surface morphology differences that might cause contact angle change.

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