Ring die pellet mill has been widely used in feed industry because of its higher productivity, lower pollution. The random loads and the random vibration response of the machine were studied in this paper to solve the serious vibration during working. According to the operational principles of feeding, gelatinization and spreading process, the model of material thickness unevenness was proposed and the test of motor torque was conducted. According to the experimental and theoretical calculation results, the power spectral density curve model of material thickness unevenness was established. According to the pressure-density relationship in powder compaction process and the pressure distribution in deformation area, the interaction force between roller and ring die was figured out. On this basis, the random loads model was established. The rigid-flexible coupled model of ring die pellet mill was developed in the multi-body software. Dynamic simulations were done to study the random vibration response of ring die, the results revealed that the main vibration frequency of ring die was around the stirring frequency of conditioner blade, the second and third order resonance frequency. Then reasonable ways were proposed to reduce vibration, and were proved to be effective.

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