This study addresses the nonlinear dynamic behavior of O-ring seals as the retaining spring in squeeze film dampers (SFDs). An analytical model is developed to predict the restoring and hysteresis forces of elastomer O-rings based on experimental and numerical data. This model takes into account the temperature softening and excitation frequency hardening effects in O-rings as well as the installation conditions in the form of radial and vertical preloads, σ and γ, respectively. Long bearing assumption is adopted for the solution of Reynolds equation. The equations of motion of horizontal unbalanced rigid rotor are derived, and a dimensional analysis is conducted on them. The numerical results substantiates the synchronizing effects of bearing parameter, B and vertical preload, γ, and the asynchronizing effects of O-ring parameter, O and radial preload, σ. It is shown that the variation of temperature and rotational speed as operating conditions influence the rotor response significantly.

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