This paper presents research focusing on developing and simulating a new way of digital demodulation for the front end Radio frequency (RF) mechanically using MEMS electrostatic actuator by sensing the displacement of a parallel-plates. The operating principle based on the coupling multi-physics of the proposed demodulation device is explained. The analytical modeling and simulation results with experimental data are presented. Recent developments in the Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology have shown the benefits of reliable mechanical strength that merges with electrical properties. Interest has increased and thus on to improve their performance by applying MEMS technology as to replace existing industrial parts and tools. A typical RF receiver consists of a front end, a band-pass filter, low noise amplifier (LNA), a local oscillator, and a mixer that recovers a baseband signal from a modulated RF signal. In a heterodyne receiver there is more than one intermediate stage. ASK and FSK digital demodulation using electrostatic actuator indicates better feasibility at lower frequency lower than 100 Hz for digital demodulation while indicating wide range of potential baseband range up to 1 kHz.

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