Through-silicon via (TSV), being one of the key enabling technologies for three dimensional (3D) Integrated Circuit (IC) stacking, silicon interposer technology, and advanced wafer level packaging (WLP), has attracted tremendous interest throughout the semiconductor industry. However, limited work addresses TSV reliability issue, and most of the existing reliability studies focus on the thermo-mechanical performance of TSVs in a free-standing wafer, rather than in an integrated package. In this paper, three-dimensional thermomechanical Finite-Element (FE) models with TSVs in both free-standing wafers and 3D integrated packages have been built and analyzed. In addition, Design of Experiments (DOE) based approach has been used to understand the effect of various parameters. Results show that the selection of underfill materials between stacked dies is the most dominating design factor for TSV/microbump reliability.

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