In this paper, our efforts on the design, surface functionalization and characterization of ultrasonic MEMS sensor for early ovarian cancer is presented. The sensor detects urinary anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2 level that has been presented as being elevated for different stages of ovarian cancer. Our novel biosensor approach employs a pair of MEMS ultrasound transducers for generating and sensing surface acoustic waves and a delay path in-between with oriented Bcl-2 antibodies (C8C) attached. Piezoelectric surface acoustic wave devices are employed for sensor for their high coupling efficiency and ease of fabrication. The sensor quantifies the cancer progression by detecting mass loading change generated by adhesion of Bcl-2 molecules to antibodies on the sensor surface. The device is fabricated using common MEMS fabrication techniques and a multi-step surface functionalization is utilized for effective protein adhesion. As a result, our biosensor platform has various unique advantages such as: ultra-sensitive (sub pg/ml), low cost, and simple operation (reminiscent of a pregnancy test) not necessitating trained personnel.

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