Water drive spindle has been developed as a spindle for ultra-precision machine tool. Performances of the water drive spindle were evaluated by experiments and simulations. In addition, the spindle was applied to diamond cutting experiments, then, successfully the fine mirrored surfaces were finished. However, rotational direction of the water drive spindle is limited, which is due to the structure of the spindle. Thus, development of water drive spindle that is capable of rotating spindle rotor for both rotational directions is current our objective. In advance of developing the water drive spindle, fluid drive spindle that is similar structure with the water drive spindle, is designed and tested in the present paper. Furthermore, control performances of the fluid drive spindle are studied through simulations. Linearized mathematical models of the fluid drive spindle and servo valve are introduced, then, they are used for the simulations. It is verified that the developed fluid drive spindle is able to rotate for both rotational directions and the spindle speed can be controlled by designed feedback controller.

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