A novel surface micromachined mechanism, the Micro Helico-Kinematic Platform (MHKP), is presented. The MHKP achieves a combination of vertical out-of-plane translation and in-plane rotation (helical motion) of a platform with an in-plane rotational input. The motion achieved requires specialized analysis techniques in spherical kinematics and introduces the micro spherical crank-slider. Spherical kinematic concepts are reviewed to aid in describing the motion and conveying the scope of the device’s design freedom. The force and displacement relations for the mechanism are derived using virtual work techniques. A surface micromachined prototype was fabricated and tested. Testing indicates that the sliding interface between the spherical crank sliders and the platform results in some stick-slip friction and that the mechanism is able to achieve its full range of motion. The vertical motion of the platform can be advantageous in micro manipulation applications such as the positioning of micro-optical components.

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