The flow-field of a generic gas combustor with interior and exterior conjugate heat transfers was numerically studied. Results obtained from three combustion models, combined with the re-normalization group (RNG) k-ε turbulence model, discrete ordinates radiation model, and partial equilibrium NOx model are presented and discussed. The numerical results are compared with a comprehensive database obtained from a series of experimental tests. The flow patterns and the recirculation zone length are excellently predicted, and the mean axial velocities are in fairly good agreement with the experimental measurements, particularly at downstream sections for all three combustion models. The mean temperature profiles are also fairly well captured by the probability density function (PDF) and eddy dissipation (EDS) combustion models. The EDS-finite-rate combustion model fails to provide acceptable temperature field. In general, the PDF shows some superiority over the EDS and EDS-finite-rate models. NOx levels predicted by the EDS model are in reasonable agreement with the experimental measurements.

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