Transient heat transfer behavior from a horizontally confined ceramic-based MCM disk with jet impingement has been systematically explored. The relevant parameters influencing heat transfer performance are the steady-state Grashof number, jet Reynolds number, and ratio of jet separation distance to nozzle diameter. In addition, an effective time, ton, representing a certain transient time when the mixed convection effect due to jet impingement and buoyancy becomes significant relative to heat conduction, is introduced. Both the transient chip and average Nusselt numbers on the MCM disk surface decrease with time in a very beginning period of 0 ≤ t < ton, whereas it gradually increases or keeps constant with time and finally approaches the steady-state value in the period of ton ≤ t < ts. As compared with the steady-state results, if the transient chip and average heat transfer behaviors may be considered as a superposition of a series of quasi-steady states, the transient chip and average Nusselt numbers in all the present transient experiments can be properly predicted by the existing steady-state correlations when t ≥ 4 min in the power-on transient period.

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