This paper presents results of CFD computation of the heat transfer process in a radial impinging free liquid jet. The jet is impinging on a flat circular disk and the flow downstream of the impinging area spreads outward and inward on the disk. The solution is made under steady state and laminar flow conditions. The solution is obtained for the axisymmetric radial jet with two free surfaces. Different incidence angle of the jet and different flow Reynolds number (Re) were considered in the analysis. The effect of jet elevation from the disk is discussed in addition to different thickness of the hot plate. Due to lack of experimental data on this typical flow problem, the results were qualitatively compared with the available experimental data of the closest flow condition in the literature. The jet incidence angle and jet elevation were found to have strong effects on the velocity field and the free surface position of the spreading flow on the disk and consequently affected the heat transfer process. The disc thickness is also found to have a strong effect on the local and average Nusselt number. Results are documented by plotting the distribution of local and average Nusselt number versus the geometrical parameters.

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